We approach the door with Mrs. Hania. After opening, there is a panorama of the sea that we haven’t dreamed of, even though it was supposed to be like that. Suite no.51.

We are in Darłówko, though almost behind it in the east, almost on the beach and yet in an apartment with a balcony almost on the coast. From balcony, we see clean, wide and sandy beaches, dunes, hiking trails. We are surrounded by a microclimate, pine forests and a pirate ship on the horizon.

There is a 5 km long beach in Darłowo (Darłówek it’s a coastal district of the city). This long coast is divided into eastern and western parts. The main and convenient beach entrance, which can be reached by car, the location, the lack of breakwaters on the west beach give it a different character than the east beach. West Beach: there is a wild sea here, deep just after stepping and loud attractions of the Polish Baltic Sea such as children’s bouncy castles, a bar tent open from the morning, colorful stalls. There is no silence, intimacy, minimalism during the day. The sand is also less velvety, rough, with pebbles. East Beach? Well, narrower, but still as wide, soft as velvet. Clean, really clean 🙂 one km from the medieval city center, the beach becomes slightly deserted, attractions are disappearing and on the horizon you can already see tall, white like waves, apartment buildings in which the rooms on the upper floors amaze with the view from the balcony.

The sea seems all golden. Under the sunlit sky. Heinrich Heine

It’s about 8 am o’clock, yet cold, but with so velvet sand!

Suite no.51 

I really didn’t supose that there by the Baltic seaside are apartments where I can find so much intimate and private. Suite that give all atmosphere which is here. Sea at home! the last words could be used to shorten this whole article. Below are photos of the interior. It is interesting that you really do not have to pay a lot to feel like in paradise and get what we are tempted by the advertisements of often inaccessible holiday destinations. Now my dear readers please read and then You will look with my eyes 🙂

There is no coincidence here. Every detail is perfect prepared. Imagine you are in the same apartment building but on the 3rd floor, not the 6th. Really tragic change. Later..that the balcony has side walls or that the railing is frosted glass. What will happend? suddenly there is nothing, no panoramic view, space and sea view. Let’s go back to our perfect suite 🙂 Interior. First of all, cleanliness and comfort. Just like at home, you come here and feel nice, you wrap yourself in a velvet blanket. Drink coffee from good simple espresso machine (coffee is so tasty that you drink as much as there is, although there are 2x more for guests). Coffee, that’s right .. Italian is delicious, we got the taste of Neapol (Neapolitan Kimbo).


If You ask me to describe Baltic Sea I will tell you:

sands with dunes that are constantly moving, sea so cold and so amazing at the same time. With water shimmering in many shades, emerald, gray, blue, navy blue

Picturesque Polish beach lures people all year. Therapeutic microclimate and wild, white sandy beaches give tourists a lot of reason to be here not in any else exotic country. 

So, in the end where is this suite? (prices and details are best viewed on the booking website) link to our new lovely place: Apartament Morski Widok NAUTIC PARK 51 Darłówko. Swimming pool in price ( really nice suprise)


Who had this possibility to be at Baltic Sea knows that the weather is unpredictible. You wake up and You know that this will be hot day. Then…

What is more, as you see in the photo, balcony os literally hanging over the surface of the water

One of trusted opinion (my husband :* )

Sensational stay on the Baltic Sea !!!

Fantastic location, the sea and the beach at your fingertips, away from the crowds. The apartment is clean, quiet, on the top floor, fully equipped, very tastefully decorated. The view from the terrace is breathtaking, throughout our stay we had a dilemma whether to go down to the beach or admire the panorama of the sea and the surrounding area from the terrace 🙂 The sea is visible from every corner of the apartment, even from the bedroom. The sunrise and sunset look just magical – you have to see it !!! The apartment building also has an indoor swimming pool for residents. We recommend it to all who appreciate silence, comfort, convenience and atmosphere. The owners were very nice and helpful, we felt at home throughout our stay. We will definitely come back here.

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